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[The influence of genetic and structural-temporal factors in the formation of the rules of epidemic situation management]. Epidemiologic situations in the New York City (USA) of 1977-1981 were analyzed, taking into account the genetic and structural-temporal characteristics of the situation. Each outbreak of epidemic conditions is considered as a health system of elements and processes of the genetic structure of the corresponding territory, including various types of epidemics, environmental circumstances, the capacity for the timely and appropriate use of professional services. The nature and size of these elements is determined by the biological and social characteristics of the country under study. These elements of the country's territory form a system of a multi-link dynamic structure, which is characterized by the existence of constant incipient (at the level of the individual or at the level of the epidemic) and full changes, that influence the effectiveness of the institution of the health policy and that may lead to changes in the epidemiologic situation of the country in the short- or long-term perspective.y) = 2*y**3 + y**2 + 2*y. Let k be o(-2). Let g = k + 16. What is the units digit of 4/g - -4 - -2? 4 Let n be (-2 - -1)/((-2)/8). Suppose -14 = -n*q - 5*a + 14, -3*q = 4*a - 26. Suppose 3*i - q = 1. What is the units digit of i? 3 Suppose -3*u - 2*u + 80 = 0. Let y be (1 - -5) + (u - 3). Let j = y + -7. What is the units digit of j? 8 Let x be 2/3*(-54)/(-4). Let l = x - -1. What is the units digit of l? 0 Let m(a) = 2*a + 3. Let r be m(-3). Let j = r - -5. What is the units digit of j? 2 Let x = 10 - 5. Suppose -5*h + x*k + 17 = -k, 3*k = -3*h - 12. What is the units digit of h? 1 Suppose 6 = 5*j - 9. Suppose 0 = -3*i + j*i + 2. What is the units




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Como Configurar Cuenta De Correo Cantv En Androidl

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