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Partners of OAI

We are very grateful for our partnerships. We value these relationships very much at OAI and the blessings they bring us. Thank you so much for being a part of our journey!

Intex Flooring

Intex Flooring is a commercial flooring company located in Houston, Texas. We partnered with Intex in 2021 and they’ve been more than generous! They have graciously supported the mentorship program at OAI. This has allowed us to offer the kiddos we work with some fun activities and opportunities as well as allowed mentors to take their mentee off campus for some much needed one on one time. 

We are extremely grateful for their support.


Children's Museum Houston

Children’s Museum Houston has generously partnered with OAI, giving us passes for our mentors to take their mentees to enjoy the museum.

Jam Cookies

GOW Bakery

GOW provides OAI with cakes so that staff can celebrate birthdays each month for their residents within the group homes. As well as treats for different occasions!

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