Our Program

Every student is one caring adult away from success. Klein and Spring ISD have more students in foster care than any other school district in Texas. OAI offers a mentor program that will train you and give you tools to become a caring adult to a young adult currently in foster care.


We offer three different ways in which to plug in as mentor:


1) A one on one relationship with a resident. You will meet with your mentee once a week and get to know her/him as an individual. You will be a safe adult they can turn to if needed. This mentor will walk alongside them teaching them life skills to better prepare each resident to becoming an independent asset to our society.


2) Visit and play games with residents in group homes. The main principle will be to just show them Christ like love and have fun.  


3) Monthly birthday celebrations for residents in group homes.

Trauma Competent Care

Training and giving staff members in RTCs and GROs the tools needed to better help those residents that have been through trauma.

TCC is a nine-module training series over the following topics:


    -Trauma and It’s Impact on the life of a child
    -Understanding Trauma and age-related developmental impact

An overview of becoming a Trauma Competent Caregiver:

* Using tools to understand the impact of trauma

* Maximizing a child’s sense of felt safety  

* Helping a child to reduce overwhelming emotions and build connections
* Helping a child to modify overwhelming behaviors and build connection

* Supporting healthy relationships
* Help a child develop a strength-based
understanding of his/her life story
* Learn to care for ourselves while caring for our children

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