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Our Program

OAI has three initiatives: Mentorship, Education and Career Preparation, and Transitional Living Support


Make a difference in the lives of young adults ages 14 and above by becoming a mentor. Mentors are volunteers who serve as a confidant and friend to a young adult. We have opportunities for both men and women to get involved.


OAI coaches its mentors on trauma triggers, best conversation topics, and more. Interested in becoming a mentor? Fill out our volunteer inquiry form.

Education and Career Preparation

As a part of the Education and Career Prep initiative, we are working with youth in foster care who are 14 years or older who would like to begin thinking about future plans, like which college to attend or what career they would like to pursue.

We are in need of volunteers who can meet with these youth at local high schools to help them make informed decisions!

Learn more about this program here.

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Transitional Living Support

Oftentimes, youth in foster care transition out of care without all of the tools necessary to be successful. They may end up in a situation where they are unable to pay their rent for a month, may be in need of groceries, and much more. 

OAI wants to walk alongside these youth by providing services that will help them be successfully independent. 

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