Fundraising Goal    $400,000 

It is OAI's desire to secure housing for females that age out of foster care so that they have safe housing, food, basic needs, support and transportation so that they can finish high school. Every young adult deserves the chance to dream for how they want their life to be. Having a safe place to stay with no worries about how they will survive will give these young ladies a chance to plan for their future. 

Monetary Donations Needed

  • Monthly pledges

  • One time gift

  • Annual gift

  • Year-End gift

  • Corporate gift

  • Gifts in honor of someone

Non-monetary Donations Needed

  • Charitable giving of real-estate

  • Groceries for residents

  • Furnishings for housing

  • Building materials

  • Automobiles

  • Linens

  • Clothing