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There are many ways that you can get involved with OAI as a volunteer. ​Below we have listed a few different skills needed at OAI, but ANYONE can get involved! Just reach out to us and we will find somewhere to plug you in. 

  •       Life Skills Instructing

  •       Drivers Ed

  •       Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace

  •       Sex Education

  •       Computer Skills

  •       Resume Writing/Interview Prep

  •       Slideshow and Video Creators

  •       Architects/Builders

  •       Business Plan Writers

  • Attorney fees/time

  • Scout service projects

  • Accountant fees/time

  • Mentors

  • Grant Writing

  • Photographers

  • Videographers

  • Administrative


Mentors serve as a confidant and friend to a youth in foster care age fifteen or older, or who has already aged out of foster care. We have opportunities for both men and women to get involved. You will help these youth learn essential life skills, make informed decisions and more.


OAI coaches its mentors on trauma triggers and best conversation topics tailored to each individual youth. Interested in becoming a mentor? Fill out our volunteer inquiry form.

Event Committee

OAI is always looking for committee members to help with our ongoing projects and events! Committee members help secure auction items, play an integral role in planning events, help secure sponsors and so much more. 

Education and Career Prep Advisor

Education and Career Prep advisors work with OAI to work with foster care youth in high school, as well as aged-out youth, to make informed decisions about next steps concerning their education or career. You may be helping someone fill out their FAFSA, see what textbooks are needed for courses, negotiating past amounts due or helping them figure out what their strengths are and what courses they should enroll for. 


We partner with local high schools and colleges to bring this program to the students.

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