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Embracing Destiny

High School Basketball Game


December 10, 2021 was a special day for the boys at Embracing Destiny. OAI had the privilege of hosting an amazing event at Faithbridge Church in Spring,Texas for boys in the foster care system. Play with Purpose Sports and USports Group invited OAI to participate and host a special evening for the boys from Embracing Destiny. Sam Houston Basketball Team came out to play with the boys. Seeing the boys’ reactions as they took off running towards the team was priceless. The boys were able to shoot hoops, play nine square, volleyball and gaga ball while interacting with a championship basketball team. When the sports portion of the activity had concluded the boys indulged on pizza and ice cream sandwiches. Listening to everything they had to say about how much fun they had as the night concluded was icing on the cake.



Our beloved speaker was Zeke Adekolu who shared his journey of growing up in the foster care system and it was a journey, a roller coaster ride as he described it. His life was full of hardships, tests, and obstacles such as homelessness but through it all he kept God in front of him. He said, “without God I would not have made it.” His speech was so encouraging and full of inspiration and hope for the boys. They were able to interact with Zeke and ask questions. Having a positive, driven, hardworking adult such as Zeke to look up to makes every bit of difference in these young lives. Thank you, Zeke, for your story and impact.

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